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Flatties Trailer

by roboborough

Video description164 views

A short animation staring Alice and Kimmy, Bob and Tom and Tara the dog detective. The Flatties try to prove the FLAT EARTH with balloon footage but their arch enemy WART DIZNEY foils their plans
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2018-01-25


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Zane: Hi Robert! Great work on FE Brotha!
Over the past 4 months i've been working hard on flat earth cover songs on my channel, hoping they give ya a laugh anyhow, haha. The Beatles, Steely Dan, Tupac, Tom Petty, Nirvana, Billy Joel, The Doors, Metallica, George Thorogood, Louis Armstrong, Waylon Jennings, Motley Crue, and even Dune are all Flat Earthers now! Hope ya enjoy 'em brother! :-) peAce -Zane

MYSTERd CHANNEL: Awesome!!!!

ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT: This is how you educate children!!

->shaun elliott: Shouldn't you be dying from anaphylactic shock after watching this video?

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