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Muvizu installers

If you have a Muvizu:Play+ licence then you will want to download the latest version. (32 or 64 bit depending on your system)

To transfer your licence to a new copy of Muvizu on the same computer, you need to copy the playplus.lic file found in C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Licence to the same location in the new installation folder. Read more...

If you don't have a Muvizu:Play+ licence, then you will probably want to download the 2013 version which has more features unlocked for free. (Warning: Muvizu sets created in newer versions are not compatible with the 2013 version)

Free Muvizu content packs

These files can be run to install the free content packs as long as you have a Muvizu:Play+ licence.

(These are included in the above Muvizu installers but won't have been included in yours if you chose the "lite" version.)

Paid Muvizu content packs

These files can be run to install the paid content packs. For these to work, you need to have a Muvizu:Play+ licence and an additional separate licence for each pack.

Asian Characters

(Licence required)

Chemistry Set

(Licence required)

Chinese History

(Licence required)


(Licence required)

Horror Villains

(Licence required)

Horror Zombies

(Licence required)

Muvizu character UV maps

These images are representations of the Muvizu characters which allow you to draw textures correctly.

The non-potato-head characters have multiple maps because they are built from multiple pieces.

Fat Man
Fat Woman

Muvizu ASE Exporters

Extensions for 3D modeling applications such as Sketchup to export Muvizu-compatible ASE files.

To use the ASE files, you need to create a folder called UT3 in C:/ then you need to download toto.bmp and place it in this newly created folder. This is the default texture in Muvizu for all imported ASE files.

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