texture mapping

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texture mapping

Post by zylbat » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:13 pm

hi all ZYLBAT here or my (youtube is contentWTF) also know as zyldad in overwatch thanks for making this site big huge tick there
been using muvizu for a few years it seems and really now go into texture mapping in a huge way. thank for providing the maps for male and female etc
have done Donald Trump, Pence Kim Jong etc and 8 Overwatch characters and a easter island character and now our PM Turnbull and shadow PM Shorten etc
learning heaps about attention to detail on the maps and how to use google images to get snippets of clothing etc and the faces and other distinguishing things ie hand details or am tattoos etc to make the character more real than real. i learnt the u can just photoshop or GIMP out the mouth of the png using layers if you are having trouble with alignments and then pay attention to the texture map for the mouth and teeth and lips using photshop to make it truly great to the viewer. Do not be limited to the faces in muvizu i feel . having trouble with the eyes in texture maps as when u use the provided eyes they are all too big to be lifelike for a texture mapped face from real life so i dont bother and remove the eyes as well which is a shame. I have created lots of things like wings and new bodies etc using Sketchup 8 and the plug in to export them in the right format etc very hard but great if you get the hang of it.

https://youtu.be/WrYhGm3DZEc ( ZYrA a overwatch character at the beach using chromakey ( easy just make the sky and ground environment all green.)
anyway thanks heaps and lots for ANiZU

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