Run A Way Project auditions

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Run A Way Project auditions

Post by zeke365 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:48 am

I know there no section for this and would be nice if each one of us could voice act for each projects to keep muvizu alive, so I m gonna play some auditions here to see if anyone of you are interested in participating.

Name Jessica
Nationality American
Age: 11
Description: She bit stubborn and is upset on her life circumstances and thinks everyone around her is her enemy.
Gender: Female
Nationaility: American
\number of lines: 37 Lines
Voice: Medium

Sample Line:
1.Jessica sad crying:
I feel I just got to know you and your leaving me with that monster again.

2.JESSICA upset/frustrated:
I do all the work around here and what payment do I get, your constantly yelling at me like I m doing a bad job yet you do nothing when you get home!

2. Name: Maso
Nationality: American
Age: Late fifties

Description: Is Jessica who use his abusive power to gets his way and is lazy all around making an 11-year-old his own chores for him. He quite drunk most times and does not realize what he doing until one day he starts to see the error of his ways.

Gender: Male
Voice: low/elderly voice

Sample Lines:

1.Maso Temper:
Don't give me lip explain yourself.

2.Maso angry/drunk:
Why did you run away, do you not like living here?

I need a demo of the character your portraying in mp3 format so I can listen.

email me at

deadline is April 29

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