Where I have I been?

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Where I have I been?

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So last year I started a youtube channel called Animated Christians here a link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxmLTy ... subscriber. So I have been very busy with uploading content to the channel and have not had time to work on the full-blown project but that about to change as well. I do have a script written but it mostly in preproduction because I need to get the animation done first then adjust the script to match the animation. My hope is to get released in 2020. I will give you a hint it's about superheroes.

This is why, I have not been as active as right now because it takes a lot of work to keep up a Youtube channel, but I do check in once a while to see what going on.

I will try to be a little more active if I can here, so I thought I share where I been and what I have been doing. I did not mean to disappear for so long.

leave a comment below if you like. Have a blessed day.