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Gallery suggestion

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I read post on zuchat about translations of muvizu, so I started coming up with idea that might make it easier on us without it be spread out so much.
We all know the gallery has muvizu movies on it but here the thing each of them is linked to different youtube channels which are challenging itself. My suggestion is to make Zuchat or New muvizu channel on youtube and see if you can find the creators of the video if possible and move everything under one roof this way we won't be split up as much. Yes, that a lot of work I know.

The second thing is to have the second section for noneglish speaking people and request they must at least put English subtitles if they want to post there since most of muvizu is English based.

I'd be willing to help out where I can in this endeavor, but I think we show muvizu true capabilities and what people made with them then would be good for people to rejoin making movies or figuring out way to make muvizu in much-upgraded version cause as it stands muvizu is the easiest software to pick up and has enough tools to make very creative things.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.