New Here/First Series - Glitch - Season 1 Watch Now

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New Here/First Series - Glitch - Season 1 Watch Now

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Hi Muvizu Family,

Awhile back I was semi actively posting updates about a mini series (on I was developing for fun. I took a year off of it to focus on my career but now I have a little more time to jump back into this project again. I admit that it might be a little rough, however I'm happy to see how far it's grown since my initial conception of this series, and I'm excited to see how far it goes. While there are plenty of mistakes I've made, I've also noticed that it get's a little better each episode. The story takes place on a galaxy far away and is the origin story of a hero/vigilante I wanted to bring to life. Allen/Glitch (Main Character) who is complacent in his "ordinary" life, is pushed to become someone else entirely whenever his planet/colony is on the brink of collapsing.

I'm slowly learning more about the software and finally getting a little better at using it. Any encouragement, tips & tricks, likes, subscribers, and shares are all appreciated. If you're interested in following us for updates I will post the link down below. If any Muvizu users want to potentially collaborate on future projects perhaps we can work together. Thank you Muvizu family and I look forward to seeing your stories.

P.S. - There is only 1 episode left of this season of this series, and then I'll be working on another character that intertwines with this story. Subscribe to stay connected!

Click below to watch: ... 3QLbkFF9X7

Thank you for the support,

Kalamo Studios