How to transfer props etc

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How to transfer props etc

Post by Keirabum »

Iwas going through some old hard drives and came across muvizu. Which i got back in 2011
it still runs okay i was just wondering if could tranfer props ect from this version over on to a newer version.
As it seems to have more built in.


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Geoff Clarkson
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Re: How to transfer props etc

Post by Geoff Clarkson »

The fact is that muvizu has acquired some notable new features ( layering and key framing) but basically it hasnt really changed that much. If by props you mean 3D models ( in .ase, .obj, or .fbx format) that you either created or downloaded back then, they should all happily import into the newer version. The range of included objects you will find very much the same. The preference now is generally for .fbx models rather than .ase. Also most of us 'serious' users make use of other software for editing and mixing sound and use muvizu for the easy to use character animation - its best feature.